The night the Five Captains came to London

The night the Five Captains came to London

Oct 19

As I write this I am trying to explain to my wife Becky the wonder and awe that I just experienced at Destination Star Trek London. I have been a devotee of Star Trek since the age of nine (as I am sure most of you know by the podcasts I have been on since joining Trek Mate) but tonight was the best Star Trek experience of my life.

Thanks to Trek Mate I was lucky enough to be allowed to be a part of the five Captains talk. Wow! All five Captains in one room talking Star Trek and I would be able to see them. See them I did! I was sitting on the floor (yes, the floor) and I was only two meters away from the people who have shaped my life in ways that even now I cannot fully explain or understand. Before the talk began we were introduced to all the guests who would be entertaining us over the weekend.

What a list. The goosebumps when I saw John De Lancie, Michael Dorn, Dominic Keating, Anthony I was born in space Montgomery (who shook my hand today) came on the stage were surprising but nothing could prepare me for the Captains.

Then the host came on, John Barrowman. If you don’t know who he is please speak to Becky who will give you the low down but think Doctor Who and Torchwood. Then the lights went down and one by one the Captains came on the stage: Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew (the most stunning woman in the world), Sir Patrick Stewart (the best Captain) and last but never least William Shatner.

The crowd erupted, London erupted and for that hour I was in a perfect moment. I won’t go into the questions because I know that Trek Mate will be showing all the highlights. There was one special moment when the Captains sang happy birthday to one of the audience,  that was amazing. What I can say is that John had some great questions and the audience had some very interesting questions which had the Captains thinking as well as sharing some wonderful moments in their lives and Star Trek.

We also had the pleasure of having Scott Bakula sign John Barrowman’s bum:

Seeing your role models in front of you is quite humbling. These are the people who have taken me to the final frontier and beyond. For one special night  they were together and I will always be able to say: I was there….


Michael Clark

Star Trek Fan & family member of @trekmate1701. Official Blogger for Star Trek London. Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Firefly fan. Also enjoy anything written by Arron Sorkin like The West Wing & The Newsroom. Politics is important to all. Big Spurs fan…



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    Captain Hot Dogg

    Mr Clark you have gift with the 21st century quill and parchment! I have goose bumps, I’m right there on the floor watching them come out one by one. I’m in my parents basement with pizza watching Encounter at Farpoint, now I’m sitting in the kitchen years later to watch The Emissary on a 13″ TV. I’m right there with you! Sitting on the floor.

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      Thank you so much. That means a lot to me that you have enjoyed my ramblings. It was such an amazing experience on Friday, seeing the Captains less than two meters in front of me was incredible, exciting and something I will never forget.

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