The day(s) I met the Trek Mate family by Guest Blogger Matt Warwick

The day(s) I met the Trek Mate family by Guest Blogger Matt Warwick

Oct 26

(@mclark1701 has been posting “The Day I Met..” for the captains he met at Star Trek London on the TrekMate blog. I thought it would be fun to write my own version!)

I woke up on the morning of Saturday 20th of September in a Travelodge next to the ExCel centre in the heart of London. Today was the day I got to visit Destination Star Trek London (DSTL).

I’d had my tickets for a few months, and after a rather eventful journey on the way down (Damn the M25!) my Dad and I had arrived late on the friday night. We pretty much went right to sleep, although how much sleep I got due to his snoring is debatable! We didn’t have much planned for the first day, I had my free autograph from Eddie Paskey which was included in my weekend ticket and a talk by William Shatner however I planned to go and see as many of the free talks as possible. I didn’t have any purchased autographs or photo sessions as funds were a bit tight, but hopefully next time I will have! We wandered to the ExCel centre at about 8:45 and got at the back of quite a large queue to get in, and I took the time to look around and see the huge plethora of costumes on display which was pretty impressive! There were people dressed as characters from all forms of trek, and wearing all sorts of fantastic and wacky Star Trek t-shirts! I felt right at home I can tell you!

When we finally got in, I looked around to see where I could get some free tickets for the talks on Stage B (I only knew I’d need them having checked out the DSTL forums the night before). I couldn’t even see the end of the queue, so we decided to give it a miss. I knew stage C wouldn’t need any tickets, so I hoped I’d get to see some things on there. Then I decided to head to the bloggers lounge, to see who was there. I knew the TrekMate guys were going to be there as the “Official Bloggers” of the event, but I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to be around. I walked around a giant autograph stand and saw the bloggers lounge, and spotted a single person sorting out leaflets on a table in front of it.

I recognised him, and strolled on over..

“Hello Mr Drinkwater!” I exclaimed, and @TrekMatePaul became the first member of the TrekMate family I met. We had a little chat for a bit, and I gave him a DVD I promised on twitter a few weeks before with all sorts of Star Trek music. I then went for a little wander, took a few photos, and popped back an hour or so later. At the back of the booth I found @marcstamper and @paulvfinch encoding videos to be uploaded to YouTube, and @adamhowse tapping away on a laptop. We had a little chat, and Paul got the fantastic(?) opportunity to walk around the floor of the convention with a GoPro camera strapped to his head for some kind of “Virtual Tour”. I was told @trekmate1701 (Wayne) was wandering round giving out leaflets, so I had a bit of a wander myself and popped back a little later, and found the man himself having a chat with Marc. I snuck up on him and introduced myself, and he greeted me with a wonderful smile and we had a great talk about TrekMate, the convention, and other random things!

After that I went to see the Shatner Talk and some of the free talks on stage C. We got to see Ronald D Moore and Ira Steven Behr talk about lots of things I can’t really remember, and Richard Arnold talked us through a wonderful slideshow of behind the scenes pictures from TNG. The costume parade was a good laugh too, I can’t believe the effort that some people put into it! I also saw Wayne almost kill someone on the stunt stage, he obviously wanted the limelight all to himself!

On the Sunday we managed to get tickets for some of the free talks on stage B, due to a much improved queuing system. Instead of there being one giant queue for the tickets, each talk had it’s own queue. We jumped in and managed to get tickets for the ones I really wanted – The DS9 Panel (Auberjonois, Visitor, Masterson, Lofton, Robinson), The KLINGONS (Hertlzer, O’Reilly, Walsh) and the fabulous “Delinquents” of Enterprise (Trinneer, Keating, Montgomery). I also had a ticket for the Scott Bakula talk in the morning as well, and I’m glad I did because he was wonderful and very funny and interesting!

Before that though, I wandered back over to the bloggers lounge to see if I could see anyone there. I saw a guy sitting down at the desk on a laptop.. someone I didn’t recognise! I wondered who it would be, so I went over and I couldn’t really think how to introduce myself, so I just blurted out..

“Hiya, is Wayne about?”


It was @mclark1701! Yet again a thoroughly pleasant chat followed, and I was pleased I’d managed to meet the whole of the TrekMate contingent present at the event. Again more wandering commenced, and I took quite a few pictures and saw quite a few talks, including Adam and Paul hosting the “Best of Enterprise” fan debate.

Overall, I felt the weekend was awesome, and the event improved from Saturday to Sunday as the organisers saw what wasn’t working and then fixed it. It was awesome to finally meet the guys I’ve chatted to on twitter and on the TrekMate podathon, and I really do hope to see them again in the future.

You can see all my pictures on my gallery, and I’ve uploaded a video of various clips onto YouTube.



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