The day I met Kate Mulgrew

The day I met Kate Mulgrew

Oct 21

Saturday was always going to be a big day for me at Star Trek London. Not only was I going to be meeting Chase Masterson for a photo shoot I was going to be meeting Kate Mulgrew and listen in on one of her talks.  I can sincerely say that I was not disappointed in any way.

The photo shoot was amazing. So many people wanting to meet Kate meant that the most you would get would be a hand shake, smile and a photo. You know though that was enough, knowing me I would have been lost for words. I walked in, tried to act calm but the fan boy inside was screaming. I am about to meet the woman who defeated the Borg, Species 8472 and of course a wonderful woman & actress. The photo shoot was over before you could say “coffee black” but the smile on my face when I came out was beaming. Although looking at the photo I seemed to be in shock.  (I will show you all soon)

Soon after it was time for the talk. What grabbed me from the moment Kate spoke was how much she loved to talking to us as much as we love seeing & talking to her.  Kate began explaining why her hair was reddish / purple for an upcoming role, what she will be up to in the next few months and then began the discussion of Captain Janeway.

While Kate was discussing the role I was completely mesmerised by her. Kate spoke about how she got the role, that she was overwhelmed by all the technobabble. Kate also spoke about the impact that the character of Janeway has had upon young women. You can see the love that Kate has for the role and the part it has played in her life.

Kate also told us about the first six months of life on Voyager. The CBS bosses would come down to the set and stand in front of her while filming with their arms crossed. They were still not sure about a woman in command so just to wind them up Kate would often blow kisses or wink. Just brilliant!

Kate also mentioned how many times her hair changes in the first season, the type of shoes she had to wear to make her look taller and finally when they tried to hide her chest. In the end Kate went to Rick Berman and told him to just leave her alone. The hall cheered when Kate said this.

Kate also spoke about the time Hilary Clinton invited Kate to attend the White House to talk to young women all involved in science. Kate could not understand why she had been asked but Hilary had explained she would be perfect and that Chelsea and her always watched Voyager. Kate was moved by the talk and was so glad that she made an impact upon these women.

The floor was opened to questions. There were some wonderful questions and we even had one from Boris Johnson (impersonator) and the Doctor (great lookalike). As the Q & A went on we found out that the last scenes Kate had on Voyager were close ups and as she was sitting on the bridge in her chair they were ripping up the rest of the set around her.

What a wonderful experience it was. I have to say that I am still taking everything in now as I write this and  the awe at listening to Kate was very emotional for me. I will never able to  look at Voyager or Kate Mulgrew the same way now.

I leave on this note. One question asked why Kate was in such a bad mood on the last day of filming. I have already given the answer but she was surprised that it was Garret Wang that had said that. Her reply: “He was away’s in a bad mood since I had a chair on the bridge and he never had a chair…”

What can you say, this is a great woman and  I am so glad that I was able to say hello and listen to her.


Michael Clark

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    Jamie Louise

    hi michael,
    i was at DSTL friday and saturday, i also had the pleasure of meeting kate and having a photo with her which was the best moment of my life and everything you have written on how you felt is exactually how i felt too. kate is such an inspirational woman, and i do wish i had a chance to talk to her,
    your blog summs up the weekend perfectlly
    thankyou for posting

    • avatar

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I couldn’t agree more with what you have said about Kate. She has made such an impact upon me this weekend. I am glad you like my blog, this is the first time I have written like this.


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    Brian Nahodil

    I have grown to adore Kate and her skills as an actor most especially in the Voyager role she played. I’m delighted to learn through your blog that she is as fun, gregarious, and full of life in person as I suspected she was. I look forward to seeing her on stage soon…and maybe one day have the privlidge and honor to meet her. Thank you for your post.

    • avatar

      Thank you for liking the post. You will not be disappointed meeting Kate, just wonderful.


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