Some wonderful fans & costumes

Some wonderful fans & costumes

Oct 19

Here were two wonderful Americans who came over to share the wonder of Star Trek London:

There’s always a comforting feeling when you see a woman in the original series uniform with a tricorder:

The first Klingon wedding in the UK:


Michael Clark

Star Trek Fan & family member of @trekmate1701. Official Blogger for Star Trek London. Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Firefly fan. Also enjoy anything written by Arron Sorkin like The West Wing & The Newsroom. Politics is important to all. Big Spurs fan…



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    Captain Hot Dogg

    Good show! Good show! I love it! I’m devouring all the Star Trek London I can get!

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      Thank you sir. I hope you have enjoyed the rest of the work the Trek Mate team have put on the site?

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