Some more wonderful costumes & Trekkies

Some more wonderful costumes & Trekkies

Oct 23

Here are some more pictures from DSTL

I love Romulan’s and I have to say I was quite taken with this amazing uniform:

Next we have this amazing fan dressed as Jadzia with phaser rifle:

Next we have this amazing Klingon:

These are only a selection of the uniforms / costumes worn and I can only say how truly wonderful it was to see all these amazing fans.




Michael Clark

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    Three excellent outfits, the first subtle and the next two all out very impressive uniforms.

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      They were great. There was one gent who was dressed in the Admirals uniform from the Motion Picture and this looked so good. I tried to look for him to get a picture but just couldn’t find him. Everyone put so much effort and love in to the uniforms.

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