Reflections or Ramblings from DSTL

Reflections or Ramblings from DSTL

Oct 26

DSTL: Reflections one week on…

I cannot believe that it was a week ago the Star Trek event of the year / decade was about to begin in London. They say time flies when you are having fun but considering I am having post convention blues then I not sure why this week has flown by. I wanted to reflect on last weekend since I am quite reflective in the way I process information.

Looking back at last weekend my initial concerns were that there would be enough for Becky to do considering she is not a Trekkie like me. I felt bad that on the Saturday morning that I had to leave her to attend a talk, then have my pictures with Chase & Kate. After that we spent the rest of the weekend together which was nice since I was sharing my love of Star Trek with her. At this point I would be remiss in not thanking Becky for putting up with me for the past few months going on about the convention, my obsession with getting or not getting a uniform, making sure we had planned for everything, did we have enough money for the weekend etc. As always Becky calmed me down, put me back in my pram when I had tantrums but most of all for being there with me for the weekend.

The weekend was also going to be my first meeting the Trek Mate team. Would I be accepted into the team? It’s one thing speaking on Skype, sending emails, tweets but to actually meet up and gel is something all together different. I met Marc first and straight away my (silly) concerns were soon put to bed, one by one I met the team and felt right at home. Thank you guys for that, as well as being so friendly to Becky.

Friday I was in awe. The press launch was so amazing; I was geeking out every time a new star was being brought over for the cameras and for the press to interview. I said a hello to a few stars shook Travis’s hand and had a smile that almost seemed freakish. I was having so much fun that first day looking from behind the scenes, wandering around an empty convention hall to watching everyone panic as the time to opening came around. Talk about leaving things to the last minute… That afternoon I took part in the Best Star Trek Film Debate which was both terrifying and fun. It was great to be on stage with the wonderful Trekkie Girls and meeting CBS Trekologist Raules Davies was nice too. What would I have done differently with the debate? Be better prepared I think, having the debate planned and knowing what we will say. On the other hand it was a good debate with some great interaction from the audience.

The highlight of Friday was the Captains Talk. From my earlier blogs you can read / feel the excitement, joy and emotions that I had while witnessing this amazing event. Looking back a week later I still feel all that, these wonderful Captains mean so much to me. I actually wrote a blog before DSTL saying what it mean to me and if this had been the only thing I saw that weekend then I would have been a happy Trekkie. I have to say though some of the questions asked did surprise me; I don’t think the Captains care what timeline a new series would be set in or the person who thought it would be funny to have a “nerdgasam” while asking his questions. I was sitting at the front and they were not impressed. However, the joy I saw / heard from my fellow Trekkies was something to see and most of all to be proud of. Thank you all for making that night so special to me.

Saturday was great. I had my pictures with Kate Mulgrew and Chase Masterson and attended the Avery Brooks talk. Although to my horror and disappointment I did not smile when I had the pictures. What was I thinking? Just an excuse to get my pictures done again with them soon I hope. Looking back now I should have done so much more, attended more of the free talks, and had a look at the Star Trek game that comes out next year. I remember seeing a blog post from the Trekkie Girls about being prepared for a convention and I think I failed at the first hurdle. What did stand out for me was meeting so many people from the convention. I met some wonderful people from Twitter; I spoke to some who had carefully crafted some brilliant uniforms / costumes.

Now this is my chance to say how great Kate Mulgrew is again. I would say her talk was the main highlight of my weekend. She captivated me in ways that I did not think was possible. Sir Patrick Stewart / Captain Picard were always my favorite but here was Kate completely taking me by surprise and taking London by storm. Again check my blog out but I am not too “manly” to say that during that talk a few times my eyes misted up with the emotion I was feeling listening to her. That talk will always stay with me. Even a week later I cannot help but smile as I think about seeing her on stage.

Now Sunday began with Becky and I both tired. We went to the TNG party which I am not going to go on about any more and by the morning both could have done with a few more hours sleep. For me the main highlight was of course meeting Sir Patrick and attending his talk. Looking back, in some ways it would have been nice to have had the Sunday start at 10am. As I have already mentioned the mood had changed and perhaps we all needed some more sleep.

Paul and Adam held the Enterprise debate. That was very enjoyable, the audience made some valid and interesting points. I hope that the debates stay when we have another convention. If you were in the audience then please let me know what you thought of them.

Sir Patrick’s talk was brilliant too. As I mentioned already he was not feeling well but managed to entertain us with some interesting tales from past and present. I do hope that at the next convention that Sir Patrick can bring the entire TNG cast to London now that would be amazing.

When I was leaving the Excel I could not believe that the three days were now over. Looking back a week later it still seems crazy that the three days went so quick. Would I have done some things differently over the three days? Yeah! However, what I can say is that I had a great time, met some wonderful people who I can consider friends and of course met the people who have taken me to strange new worlds.
What more could I have asked for…..


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