Prep For Star Trek London

Prep For Star Trek London

Oct 18

It has been a long time coming but we are now on the cusp of Star Trek London.

The amount of work going in behind the scene by all the members of the Trek Mate family has been amazing. From Wayne and Paul starting in a bedroom nearly 1 year ago the Trek Mate Family will be marching into Star Trek London with with a 6 Strong team; Wayne Emery, Paul Drinkwater, Marc Stamper, Adam Howse, Paul Finch & Michael Clarke. We are armed with a dedicated Star Trek London blogging platform, Flyers, business cards, competitions and much more.

As well as blogging we will be interviewing Stars of the shows and hosting some of the official debates.

If you see us there come and say hello.



Proud member of the Trek Mate Family and co host on the Previously in the Alpha Quadrant Podcast (the 1st Star Trek Enterprise Podcast)

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