My first day at Star Trek London

My first day at Star Trek London

Oct 19

When I arrived at the Excel just before 11am Friday morning I couldn’t believe that already people were queuing up for their goody bags, tickets and getting into that Star Trek feeling. As well as my first convention this was the first time to meet the Trek Mate family. I met Mark first in his uniform (quite stunning) and then one by one the rest of the gang arrived. A special moment for all of us, a family coming together at long last.

We quickly received our Bloggers passes  and went to the bloggers lounge. There we met up with the wonderful Trekkie Girls, just as lovely in person. We had a wander round the convention hall and was amazed at how everything you could think of was here for all of us to enjoy. While wandering I came across the original series bridge and was transported to my youth of  wanting to sit in the Captains chair. I am looking forward to my bridge photo on Saturday however, I am not sure they will be able to get me out of the chair.

Both the Klingon & Federation Zones looked great but I would say from a personal point I preferred the Klingon Zone. Us fans were represented from Trek Mate to Trekkie Girls to local & international fan groups and of course everywhere you looked you could merchandise to buy and cherish. By noon we were at the opening press launch. The stars were brought over in groups on a golf buggy, then they wowed us with interviews, laughs and pictures (which Trek Mate will be showing off soon).

As close as I am now to Becky writing this I was that close to Dominic Keating, Connor Trineer, Michael Dorn, Waiter Koenig, William Shatner, Avery Brooks and many more. Already this was turning into an unforgettable experience.

Soon enough the door were opened and in came the most wonderful people in the world: Star Trek fans. They were wonderful, we had Vulcan’s, Bajoran’s, Klingon’s, Orion’s and so many members of Star Fleet from throughout the ages. I was walking around the venue stopping those who looked wonderful in their costumes, discussing where they were from and it was such a joy to talk to each and every one of them.

I was then lucky enough to take part in the DSTL debate discussing what the best Star Trek film was. Not as easy as it sounds, there were so many people in the debating hall. So many took part discussing the films, what we liked, what we didn’t but in the end we decided First Contact was the best film. See the main menu for the actual debate.

The next couple of hours were spent in the bloggers lounge leading up to the opening ceremony but again meeting all the wonderful Star Trek fans as well as all the friends I have met on Twitter was very enjoyable.

My first day was amazing, tomorrow I meet Kate Mulgrew and Chase Masterson for photos and hopefully some interviews. Fingers crossed…


Michael Clark

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