Meeting Scott Bakula

Meeting Scott Bakula

Oct 25

One of the highlights for me at DSTL was meeting Scott Bakula.

I had not originally purchased a photo with him but having seen Wayne’s I decided to take the plunge, a good friend had given me £25 as an early birthday present so what better to spend the money on?

So Sunday at 2PM I was stood near the front of the queue to meet the great man, I was probably the 3rd or 4th person to meet Scott and what a great experience it was.

Scott made direct eye contact with every person and gave a very warm and welcoming smile and handshake, unlike some of the guests he did not shy away from physical contact and placed his arm around my shoulder for the photo.

I didn’t get very long to speak to him but I did get to thank him for taking my question in his talk on the previous day where I asked hum about the relationship with T’Pol.

A lot of people have asked him that question but I just wanted to hear his answer first hand.

And with that the photo was over, I rushed out to collect it and I’m very pleased with the result, now I just need to find the perfect frame!


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