DSTL: The Debates

DSTL: The Debates

Oct 22

Trek Mate, the Trekkie Girls & the Trekologist (Raules Davies) were asked to hold debates on various topics during the course of the weekend. Some of these are up on the site for you to have a look at but below are just some random thoughts on them:

  • The Movie Debate – while First Contact won (quite right too) I was surprised to see how many actually enjoyed The Motion Picture. There was mixed reception to Nemesis and Insurrection with fondness for WOK and The Undiscovered Country.  The Trekologist was also surprised that some enjoyed the 2009 film to which opened up a whole new can of worms.


  • For the TNG debate Déjà Q actually beat All Good Things and The Best of Both Worlds to the top spot. There were some passionate discussions on all the episodes but it was the audience’s decision. What about Chain of Command? Not even in the list, I just don’t know…


  • For the TOS debate Amok Time won the title of Destination Star Trek London’s top episode.  This beat fan favorites such as Balance of Terror, The Doomsday Machine, The Galileo Seven and The Enterprise Incident. What’s wonderful about Star Trek is that with over 700 hours of stories you can still be surprised by what us fans think.


  • In the Pale Moonlight was always going to win the DS9 debate.  While there were some good contenders I was surprised that Way of the Warrior was not on the list or the Visitor.


  • Paul & Adam held a great debate on Enterprise. While In A Mirror Darkly won the top spot there were some good discussions on what the fifth season could have been about as well as what worked and didn’t in Enterprise.

All in all these were great fun to do. I took part in three and sat through five. It was so good to see everyone discuss Star Trek with such a passion and that we all respected every ones opinion and listened to what we all had to contribute. I hope that if DSTL happens again the debates continue.

Here I meet Raules:


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