DSTL – My Experience, by Laura Fawcett

DSTL – My Experience, by Laura Fawcett

Oct 28

This was my first purely Star Trek convention I have been to. It was great to not be the only one in Star Trek uniform at a convention, normally I’m one of few.

The venue was huge, London’s Excel Centre, I think the area in which the convention was held could of been expanded to tackle those queuing issues that many face on the days for talk tickets etc.

My plan for the weekend was to get Sir Patrick Stewart’s autograph and to go to Kate Mulgrew’s talk as I’ve already got her autograph, other autographs I wanted to get were; Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, John De Lancie, Denise Crosby and Manu Intiraymi. I also wanted to see Brent Spiner, Manu Intiraymi, John De Lancie and Michael Dorn’s talks all of these were free but we had to queue up to get the tickets. I am very happy to say that I got to do all of the things I wanted to even if I did have to get up really early to queue up!

If I would have gone for one day I don’t think I would have been able to do it all, it was the first time I’ve been to a convention for more than one day and I’m glad I did!

On Saturday I got to see Sir Patrick Stewart, he was very busy like all the Captain’s and seemed to be just signing and moving on, but I wanted to get him to say something to me, after he signed my photo I, (quite sweetly) said ‘Thank you Sir Stewart’ he then looked up, smiled and said ‘You’re very welcome’, I think I went completely red and smiled widely, I was very happy!

After this I went to check into my hotel, thinking maybe I should go back to start queuing for Kate’s talk about an hour early! When I got near to the main talk area entrance I found the queue was already forming, so I joined and I was in that queue for an hour, got chatting with some fans and then we played Star Trek Top trumps! It made the time go faster, and was very enjoyable.

Kate’s talk was brilliant, she cares a lot about the fans and she’s very lovely. She began by talking about her many hairstyles and how the producers didn’t know what to do with her because she was the first woman! She was also very funny and seemed genuinely happy to be at the convention which was nice to see.

After her talk I went back to my hotel to get ready for the party, I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to get to the party if I’d stayed to do the world record attempt to get the most people in Star trek costume in one room! Turns out I would have!

The TNG party was in a big warehouse room, dodgems and quasar were there to keep guests entertained. The drinks were over priced like many of the ‘extras’ there but I need one so I got one!

When it came time for the music to start Avery Brooks took to the stage, I which I could say he was good but no-one further than a few metres from the stage could hear it because the sound guys hadn’t taken into account that they were in a warehouse and the acoustics were awful, a few extra speakers around the room would of done it! So after staying for two hours straining to hear the music I went to bed to get up nice and early on Sunday to get talk tickets. It was great to see that John De Lancie was staying in the same hotel as us so we’re walked back from the party with him to the hotel!

Sunday began early, rushing in and started queuing for talk tickets at 9, managed to get all the talk tickets I wanted!

Manu Intiraymi started the talks for the day, he planned a presentation on the screens, he played clips of all the movies and projects he’s been doing recently, it was great, he then answered a few questions and was charming and funny.

Next up it was Brent Spiner’s talk, I know that he is famous for being hilarious at his talks, so I was expecting him to be, and indeed he was, his impression of Sir Patrick Stewart was brilliant and he was upbeat and funny throughout. He also told us about having dinner at Patrick Stewart’s apartment with Michael Dorn and Scott Bakula! And the picture of them in Patrick’s kitchen appeared on the screens to the side of him, which was very funny.

John De Lancie was much the same letting us know what he’s been up to and making us laugh with answers to questions and comments.

I then got to meet Manu, he spent a good two minutes talking to me about his work and Twitter and Facebook which of course I am on an made it my priority to follow him, then I had a nice picture with him, love him!



Next was Denise Crosby, she was lovely, chatty and asking how I was, I asked her the same and chatted about what she’s doing, then she had to go for her photo shoot and talk.

My dad got to meet Nana Visitor, she was lovely and chatty talking to both me and my dad, she had a big smile on her face even though it was the middle of Sunday which was great to see, and then he got a picture with her
Later I went to the DS9 talk, all funny nice people.

Lastly I sat in Michael Dorn’s talk, he talked about dinner at Patrick Stewart’s apartment on Saturday night and how he had to have many tests for the look of Worf.

The last thing I did was talk to my friend Raules Davies, he’s a Trekologist and presents the reruns of Star trek Voyager and the Original series on CBS, he was busy but having fun meeting fans and as always was lovely.
So disorganisation from the organisers aside it was a great con! Hope there’s another one next year!!!! :)


Wayne Emery

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