Destination Star Trek London: Day Two

Destination Star Trek London: Day Two

Oct 22

Day two began in quite  a nervous way for me since Becky would be coming along and I wanted to ensure that she enjoyed herself and could see what all the fuss was about. I had after all been going on about this for some six months.

We arrived when it was time for Becky to have her photo with Scott Bakula and for me to have the Bridge Photo. I had no choice but to dump Becks in one queue while I ran across the hall to join another queue.  The Bridge looked amazing, I had already seen it from Friday but it never ceases to take your breath away. I sat in the big chair, felt quite at home to be honest in command but before I could shout “Red Alert” (always wanted to do that, next time I tell myself) the next chap wanted to sit in my chair.

Anyway after giving up my chair I was then due for the Avery Brooks talk. Becky again had to be left on her own. Becky kept herself busy by wandering around the halls, exploring all the things DSTL had to offer and admiring all the uniforms / costumes. Although I did feel guilty about leaving Becky by herself, I did make it up later. All I can say about the Avery Brooks talk was that it was very chilled out.

Avery Brooks has his own style and nothing will ever change that. Any questions from the audience that asked about character development, story lines were all referred to Ira Steven Behr. In the end this became quite funny but I am not sure what those asking the questions thought? However, whenever a question came up about his family or his love of music you could see his eyes light up and just want to regale us with stories. “You should always have music in your day” Avery said and to be honest he is very true. Half way through the session Avery asked for Cirroc Lofton to be brought over to the stage. Soon enough he came in to cheers and showed us some of his art work and how lucky he was to have Avery has a role model and second Father. All in all, a very relaxed talk from a very eccentric man.

I managed to catch up with Becky (about time too) and Becky was telling me how wonderful Scott Bakula had been. I have to say the photo is just wonderful.  I had also by this point had my photo with Chase Masterson where I had been a complete nervous wreck! The picture shows and for the rest of the day Becky was trying to show me how to smile ready for my Kate Mulgrew picture (just can’t seem to be able to smile, I am just so nervous). In the end it was not until Sir Patrick Stewart that I got it right but that’s another story.

We spent the next couple of hours wandering the halls, looking at everything and everyone. I was explaining who all the actors were having their autographs, we got close to Michael Dorn and Anthony Montgomery (who shook my hand on Friday and was born in space) and then we went to the DS9 debate. At the end of the debate we had one of the best moments of the whole weekend. I was having my picture with the Trekologist (Raules Davies) when a young boy came along and asked why Trials and Trib-ulations were not on the DS9 list. He explained why and before we could say anything else the young boy asked how he becomes a Trekologist! We all melted, what a wonderful boy, I am hitting myself now for not  taking a photo of him but at least I could leave the convention knowing that the next generation of Star Trek fan was indeed doing well.

Just after four Becky and I joined with Marc, Kirsty and Paul for the Kate Mulgrew talk. You can read my previous entry for all the details but even Becky and Kirsty who are not Star Trek fans left the hall feeling they had seen something special.

That evening was the TNG party. I had sold this to Becky by saying that it was going to be a big party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Next Generation. I have to be honest what a complete let down! Apart from all the wonderful fans wearing their TNG uniforms there was nothing to suggest that this was a celebration of that great show. We did get to see & hear the great Avery Brooks play and sing as well as the wonderful Chase Masterson. The hall was too big, the sound did not reach out to all and I won’t even go on about the prices of the drinks. I did however, find a little sister that I never knew I had (you know who you are) and spoke to some wonderful twitter friends. This part of DSTL has to be looked at next year.

Chase was also signing some of her CD’s:

The second day was just as good as the first but for me it will always be the day I met Kate Mulgrew and got to see her in person sharing some wonderful stories with us.


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