Destination Star Trek London: Day Three

Destination Star Trek London: Day Three

Oct 23

After still buzzing from the Kate Mulgrew talk I was finding I had mixed feelings over the third and final day.  The most exciting part was that I would be meeting Sir Patrick Stewart at the photo shoot and then would be going to his talk later that afternoon.  On the other hand the convention was coming to an end and this celebration of Star Trek would be finally over.

Something that Becky and I both noticed when we arrived on Sunday was that the mood had somewhat changed. There now appeared to be more of a somber tone in the convention hall. Perhaps because it was the final day or as some people had commented  they were now “Trekked Out”. Is three days of non stop Star Trek too much?

I began the day by writing my blog about “The day I met Captain Janeway”, considering how much I had been overwhelmed the day before I managed to get a few thoughts down but it was not till today that I actually felt it was right and I renamed it “The day I met Kate Mulgrew” which was more fitting. Soon enough it was time to queue for my picture with Sir Patrick. You can read my thoughts on another blog but to say that I was excited was a major understatement.

Becky and I then went to the Brannon Brag session on stage C. Again I have written some thoughts about the talk which I found very interesting and I even managed to ask a question about Hive. The new comic book story Braga has written about the Borg.

After the Patrick Stewart talk things were starting to wind down for Becky and I. The convention was not finishing until 6pm but we were quite exhausted by 4pm so decided to have a one last walk around the hall, say our good byes and then transport ourselves away.

Destination Star Trek London was a great experience. From the beginning on Friday it was one wonder after another. Looking around the convention hall before it was open to the public, being at the press launch where I got my first glimpse of the actors who had taken me on so many adventures over the years, by walking around the bridge set. Then to the Captains Talk on Friday evening,Kate Mulgrew, Patrick Stewart and so much more.

Although it is not all about the stars. It was about all the fellow Trekkies that I met over the weekend. I finally got to meet the members of the Trek Mate team who had  just recently allowed me to join the family but treated me (and Becky)with great respect and kindness over the weekend. I met Colin and Tom from Trek FM who are great people, The Trekkie Girls & Tess who are just as wonderful as you would have expected.

I also met quite a few people from twitter including Jade, Tanya, Jon, Matt, Nicole, Bunny. All just as great in real life as they are on twitter (if I missed anyone off I am very sorry but my memory is like a sieve).  I also met Vesta & Rick from Twitter.Vesta has now become my new sister (there is a story behind this which involve Chase Masterson but I will leave that for another day) which is great.

Now I would be remiss if I did not mention some of the problems from the weekend. I can understand all those that have commented on social media who were not happy with the organisation, free talk stages,the stunt show, lack of seating throughout the hall, services for those who are disabled, the TNG party (see my thoughts from day two),Fan Zone tables not manned and I am sure a few more. These are all important concerns that need to be addressed by the event organisers so that when there is another convention these don’t happen again. The organisers don’t need me to defend them but this was the first Star Trek convention in ten years and I think they just didn’t get how successful, busy this event would be and just fell short of all our expectations.

I am not going to end the blog on a low. Yes there were problems and I am sorry for all those who were disappointed, let down or suffered bad service. I know that next time, and there will be a next time it will be better.

For me Destination Star Trek London will always be special for me since it was my first convention, I met some wonderful people, met some of the stars that have made my life so enjoyable and my love for Star Trek grew even more.

Before the weekend when I was asked what would be the best moment of the weekend I would often say meeting Sir Patrick Stewart and while that was an amazing experience and one I will never forget I can sum up the best moment of DSTL in two words:

Kate Mulgrew….


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