Brannon Braga Session

Brannon Braga Session

Oct 22


Brannon Braga appeared on Stage C which was free for everyone to enjoy. In fact apart from all the Captains talks everything else was free.

Can’t get better than that can you?

Some interesting questions were posed to Brannon (even one from me) and the answers included:

  • Star Trek Hive: Brannon explained the concept of his four part comic book story based on the Borg in the future where Locutus is now the Borg king and that he is trying to undo what he has become by using time travel to contact his former self. He seemed quite pleased with the story and for him personally was the right end story for the Borg.


  • That time travel stories are some of his favorite. He explained that after he took charge of the writing he would always ensure that when a time travel story took place that the writer followed the rules and that no mistakes were made. He seemed quite intent in ensuring that time travel was not messed up.


  • Brannon explained that he did not like the Enterprise theme song. For him a shows title should tell a story with or without music. He liked the titles but would have preferred an original song for the beginning. Also until quite near the shows premiere they were going to use Beautiful Day by U2 for the opening song. What do you think of that?


  • He was made aware of Russell T. Davies who was writing Doctor Who at the time of Enterprise who going to send a pitch for a crossover live action story. Brannon mentioned he in fact likes Doctor Who and would have been open to the idea. There were a few gasps I can tell you…..


  • With Enterprise he was gutted that the series was cancelled by “bean counters” who did not understand Star Trek and only the balance sheet. He also said that season 5 of Enterprise would have had quite a few Mirror Universe stories and that Trip would not have been killed.


  • For Voyager Brannon said that it was time for Kes to go in season three. That her story had come to its natural end. He felt that at the time the Kazon did not work and that the Borg was still quite the mystery so it made sense to use them and that Seven was a great character.  An audience member mentioned how they loved Threshold to which he thanked them but said he didn’t and they had just got that one so wrong.


  • Brannon also mentioned he loved writing for the Doctor the best in Voyager since there was so much you could do while he did not enjoy writing for Captain Picard. His reasons were that Picard was such a perfect person unlike himself that he found it very hard to write good stories for him.


I enjoyed the talk from Brannon and while it was only half an hour I was captivated by him and the answers he gave.


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