Who I’m meeting at Star Trek London

Who I’m meeting at Star Trek London

Sep 26

So after all the preparations we are almost there so i thought i’d quickly write about who i’ve bought photo shoots with at Star Trek London and why.
We have all had months to plan who we wanted to meet and unfortunately money is not an inexhaustible resource so I had to think long and hard about who I wanted to meet.

Sir Patrick Stewart

I’m sure that Sir Patrick is probably the most popular guest at Star Trek London which i guess is why his photo shoots sold so quickly (at the time of writing only Sunday is left)

I’m a big TNG fan as it was the series i grew up with and really got me into Star Trek so captain Picard always has a special place in my heart

Avery Brooks

After TNG my favourite series is probably DS9, well, in many ways i actually prefer DS9 but that’s a long and complicated discussion!
Benjamin Sisko was a very different captain to Picard but Avery Brooks played the part so well, he was willing to do the things that many other captain’s wouldn’t.

Brent Spiner

Of course everybody loves Data and in my opinion Brent Spiner is definitely one of the best actors ever to have appeared in Star Trek, his portrayal of Data was of course fantastic but he was great in whatever role he played.
I particularly enjoyed his performance as Arik Soong in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Andrew Robinson

Of all the many occasional characters in Star Trek my favourite has to be Garak and i though Andrew Robinson gave such a great performance, you were never 100% sure about his past and he always managed to surprise me with some of the things he pulled off.
I also can’t help but admire a man with such a dry sense of humour.

It’s a relatively small selection compared to some but i’ve picked my favourites and i can’t wait to meet each and every one of them, even if it is only for a few minutes.


co-host of the TrekMate podcast and host of the supplemental episode review podcast.
25 year Star Trek fan with a particular fondness for TNG


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