Who I am meeting at Star Trek London

Who I am meeting at Star Trek London

Sep 27

With less than three weeks to go until Star Trek London I can now start to actually imagine what it will be like meeting those actors who have entertained me and taken me to the “final frontier”. I am still not sure what I will say to any of them apart from my deepest admiration for them and thanking them for bringing Star Trek alive for me.

Sir Patrick Stewart – Captain Jean Luc Picard

I grew up with TNG but didn’t begin to like Captain Picard until the third season of the show. At that point his character was allowed to grow, go on away missions, meet women, and even punch a terrorist on the bridge. From there Picard grew and my admiration for the character and actor grew. Sir Patrick Stewart is a wonderful actor and apart from Star Trek I have enjoyed watching him perform in various Shakespeare plays and many other films.

Kate Mulgrew – Captain Kathryn Janeway

Some of my closest friends are women. They have strong characteristics and perhaps that is why I find Captain Janeway to be an amazing character. For seven years she managed to keep Voyager safe while over 70,000 lights from Earth and finally managed to get the ship & crew home. Star Trek made a bold and about time move by having a female captain and they couldn’t have found a better actress than Kate Mulgrew to play her.

Chase Masterson – Leeta

Well what can I say? Deep Space Nine had some of the strongest secondary characters of any Star Trek series. Leeta began just as a Dabo girl and as the series progressed became the wife of the future leader of Ferenginar. Chase Masterson is a great actress and has a wonderful singing voice. Something I am looking forward to at the 25th TNG anniversary party.

Scott Bakula – Captain Jonathan Archer

This photo shoot is not for me but for my wife Becky. Becky has been wonderful putting up with me talking about nothing but Star Trek London and I know that when growing up Becky loved Quantum Leap. Hopefully I can pop my head in the room and watch the photo and get to say hi.

They say that in the nexus that time has no meaning. Well for each of my photo shoots that precious time with all of the above will be like entering my own private nexus. Excitement is an understatement.


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