What Star Trek London means to me

What Star Trek London means to me

Sep 25

A great Article here written by Trek Mate Family member Michael Clarke. This really sums up the hunger in the UK for an event like Star Trek London. If you like this article then you will be glad to know that Michael will be one of Trek Mates official blogger during the Star Trek London event. Michael will also be the co host on a new Trek Mate podcast called the ‘Holodeck’. The second host will be Trek Podcast vetrian and Trek Mate founder Wayne Emery.

The day this piece is posted it will be only eighteen days until the very first Star Trek convention to be held in the United Kingdom.

Here in the UK we have looked on in envy at our American cousins who are able to visit Star Trek conventions on a yearly basis across the country. We often see the pictures of our fellow Trekkie’s dressed in wonderful costumes / uniforms from all the different incarnations of Star Trek. We hear about all the wonderful merchandise that is on sale at these conventions, things that we can only buy on E-Bay and spend a fortune in postage & packing. Most of all though we look on in envy as our friends get to meet the actors, writers, producers who for over forty years have taken us to “the final frontier”.

Not anymore! In eighteen days it will be our turn to show the world that we in the UK love Star Trek just as much as anyone else and like this year’s Olympics it will be the best ever. Already we have the “Five Captains”, more actors from all the incarnations of Star Trek, writers and producers and so much more. We have parties where we can dress as Klingons; we have a Next Generation 25th anniversary party where we can show the world we know how to celebrate Star Trek.

Coming much closer to home, for me this convention will be a culmination of over thirty years of being a Star Trek fan. It all began for me with the purchase of the Star Trek III movie adaption from DC comics. Even today I remember reading the comic, wanting to know all about these characters, what had happened before leading to these events. Thus began my journey in to the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek in one way or another has influenced my life. Whether it is in my belief that we are all equal no matter if you are green, have pointed ears and speak with a funny accent or that I strongly believe that one day the human race will move beyond our pettiness and become a united planet. Hope is important to me and during some dark days in my life I found that hope in Star Trek. The stories took me to “strange new worlds”; I encountered wonderful & exotic aliens. I met Star fleet officers who became my friends, my role models and who gave me the strength to pick myself up each time I was knocked down.

In eighteen days time I will be meeting some of the most influential people who have impacted upon my life. Meeting Sir Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew will possibly be a once in a life time experience for me. Meeting one’s heroes, role models will no doubt be an amazing experience even though I still don’t know what I will say to these wonderful people and I am not even sure if any words will come out. All I know is that for those few minutes time will stand still and I will be incredibly happy.

The two days at the convention in London will give me a chance to meet the Trek Mate family, as well as all the wonderful Star Trek fans I have met on twitter. Most of all I will be able to share my love of Star Trek with my wife Becky who will finally see the awe & wonder of a young boy going full circle and beginning his love of Star Trek all over again.

That’s what Star Trek London means to me, now and, always.

Michael Clark



Proud member of the Trek Mate Family and co host on the Previously in the Alpha Quadrant Podcast (the 1st Star Trek Enterprise Podcast)

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