What question would you ask your favourite Star Trek actor / character?

What question would you ask your favourite Star Trek actor / character?

Sep 27

One of the best things about Star Trek conventions is that your favourite actor will most probably be taking part in a series of talks based upon the series they were in, the character they played and much more. For a time you will hear them talk about nothing else and more importantly you might get the chance to ask a question.

So what would your question be? Perhaps not this one…

My question is for: (insert actors name here)…. In episode number 17, of season 5 your character (insert characters name here)… had the rank insignia of a lieutenant commander however, in episode 21 of season 5 ..(Insert characters name here)…   the insignia had changed to that of a commander. Can you explain that and do you think your character suffered as a result of this unexpected promotion?

The actor looks down and just wonders what they did they do wrong……

Of course that might be an extreme but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could come up with questions that might surprise the actor or have a different slant on what they must have heard so many times before? Star Trek is for so many people a personal odyssey where it means so much to us for such different reasons and wouldn’t it be good if we used our personal experiences of Star Trek to help form our questions?

Let’s show the actors, writers, producers and so many more what Star Trek means to us here in the UK by asking questions that will stimulate conversation, encourage debate and most of all allow all the guests to feel that DSTL is not just another convention.

My question you ask? Well you will just have to come along and listen won’t you!


Michael Clark

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    My question would be for Brent Spiner. “How hard was it really to stay in character and not have/show any emotions?”

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