The Star Trek Community & Star Trek London

The Star Trek Community & Star Trek London

Sep 27

As we know DSTL is going to the first dedicated Star Trek convention in the UK and the only one in Europe that will have all five captains on one stage. We will get to meet the actor, writers, watch amazing stunts, seat in the captain’s chair on the bridge of the Enterprise and so much more.

For me though there is something I am looking forward to just as much as meeting my Star Trek idols, role models and that is meeting all of you. I am already looking forward to meeting the Trek Mate family who I have just joined and all the new friends on Twitter but what about the bigger picture. Over 12,000 tickets have been sold for the convention. Let’s think about that, over 12,000 people who all enjoy the amazing universe created over 46 years ago all in the same location for three wonderful days.

For those three days people from all walks of life, young & old, people who may not share the same political views, support different footy teams and so on will come together in their love of Star Trek. Is this not the best example of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations)?

One large Star Trek community coming together. We will share our stories of how we came to love Star Trek, what the show means to us and how it influences us in our daily lives. What could not be more wonderful than being a part of that experience and family? So many new friendships will be made over the weekend at DSTL and everyone will leave with our love of Star Trek reinforced.

Perhaps that will be the real legacy of Destination Star Trek London?


Michael Clark

Star Trek Fan & family member of @trekmate1701. Official Blogger for Star Trek London. Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Firefly fan. Also enjoy anything written by Arron Sorkin like The West Wing & The Newsroom. Politics is important to all. Big Spurs fan…


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