Star Trek London Baby!!

Star Trek London Baby!!

Sep 25

It is now a little over 3 weeks until Star Trek London so I’m writing down some of my thoughts before the event.

Very early in the year the TrekMate team were talking about the lack of Star Trek conventions in the UK, Wayne tried to contact someone to see if there was interest in organising a convention only to be told “Star Trek  is dead”
Well I’m very glad that that person has been proved to be completely and utterly wrong.
Only a few short weeks later the teaser tweets and website were released “is London ready”?

Naturally speculation was rife among the UK based Trek fans, would this be a convention? would it be a repeat of the Star Trek experience which toured the US?

Of course like many others I signed up to be notified via email straight away and after what seemed like an agonising wait and after much speculation the truth was revealed,  a proper Star Trek convention with all 5 captains in attendance!

And then the pricing came out and the tickets went on sale, at first only to those who had signed up, I was quick off the mark and bought a silver ticket, I was going to see the 5 captains! have my photo taken on a bridge and have the opportunity to meet and have photos taken with some of my favourite Trek actors!

As the months wore on we all got more and more excited as new guests and events were announced and then recently the TrekMate team received the news that they would be official bloggers for the event!

This will give us all the opportunity to show our love of Trek to the world, it may sound like work but I can assure you there is nothing else I’d rather be doing at the event


co-host of the TrekMate podcast and host of the supplemental episode review podcast.
25 year Star Trek fan with a particular fondness for TNG


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