A Family affair

A Family affair

Sep 25

Star Trek London will mark a huge achievement for the Trek Mate family, although still relatively young our group is soon to be producing 7 podcasts, numerous articles, a busy forum and now after the runaway success of the 24 hour podathon Trek Mate is taking another big step in providing our fans with coverage from the floors of Star Trek London.

You may be at Star Trek London already but you probably will not have time or money to see every show and/or talk. The members of the Trek Mate family in attendance at Star Trek Lomdon will try and provide as much coverage as possible for the whole of Star Trek London.

What I am most looking forward too at STL is meeting up with the rest of the UK based Trek Mate team in person.

We also want to meet you guys so why not look out for us at the event or at the bloggers lounge. The best way to reach us is through twitter. We all love Trek so why not start some conversations with us on Twitter or on our forum – prior to the event.

Trek Mate Family Show

@Trekmate1701 – Wayne Emery

@Trekmatepaul – Paul Drinkwater

@marcstamper – Marc Stamper

Previously in the Alpha Quadrant (PITAQ)

@adamhowse – Adam Howse

@paulvfinch – Paul Finch

The Holodeck

@mclark1701 – Michael Clark


Proud member of the Trek Mate Family and co host on the Previously in the Alpha Quadrant Podcast (the 1st Star Trek Enterprise Podcast)

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